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Start of the mountain "DAISEN", Climbing Season, Japan

6/3 ‰ΜΊƒTƒƒ“ De "‚ζ‚€‚±‚» ‘εŽR‚Φ"ƒQƒXƒgo‰‰ 2:30pm`4:00

6/5 FM@9:15am`FMŽR‰Aƒ‰ƒWƒI Ό] "‚Υ‚κ‚Ί‚ρGOLD" ƒg[ƒN‚Ζ‰ΉŠyo‰‰
with DJ@ˆξ“c@–Ξ

@ ‚¨‚©‚ ‚ι@―–쁖‚η‚Τ‚κ`‚·u‰‰
"SET YOUR PLAN TO YOUR DREAM" –²‚π–Ϊ•W‚Ι‚·‚ι`h@

6/6 20:30`21:00 ’ΉŽζŒ§@‘—§Œφ‰€‘εŽR‰ΔŽRŠJ‚«@‘O–ιΥ
"–ό‚΅‚̐X‚ΜƒRƒ“ƒT[ƒg" ‚¨‚©‚ ‚ι ―–μ‚η‚Τ‚κ`‚·‚Ζ•κZ‘εŽR¬ŠwZ‚̐eŽq‚Ζ‚Μ‹€‰‰
’ΉŽζŒ§‘εŽRŽ›”Ž˜Jΐ ’“ŽΤκ“Αέ‰οκ
–β‚’‡‚ν‚Ή ‘εŽR’¬ŠΟŒυˆΔ“ΰŠi§689-3318 ’ΉŽζŒ§Ό”ŒŒS‘εŽR’¬‘εŽR40°33j
TEL0859i52j2502 FAX 0859i52j2770

Show Start at 20:40 on June 6th, 2015
featuring Okaru Hoshino Lovelace and Students of Daisen Primary School.

Every Friday Night at the Paris Blues

2021 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Blvd New York, NY 10027
(121street & 7th avenue)

- - - - PAST SHOWS - - - -

Saturday April 25 9:30am`

WHCR 90.3 FM Radio Show Okaru talks her passion to sing on
"International Jazz day" in Harlem Dwyer Cultual Center NYC for world peace, with DJ Daaiya Lomax "Garden of tranquilty & Contemplation"

tune in www.whcr.org you can watch live stream studio from Harlem.

Spring Jazz Jam @ Ost Cafe
Saturdays, April 26, May 3 & May 17, 8pm-11pm
No music cover

Share the joy of Spring Jazz Jam with vocalist Okaru Lovelace and Jazz band with mellow trumpet. Invitation from East village Ost Cafe quality coffee, wines /cheese and time

Ost Cafe
441 East 12th street
NW corner of 12th street & Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
Tel: (212) 477-5600

Okaru Lovelace Vocal,
Lee Tomboulian Key,
Yamasaki Nobuyuki Bass,
Shigeto Kamada Drums,
Melvin Vines Trumpet

Sundays in April 27, May 4th, 18th, and 25th 9pm to 1am
No music cover

Paris Blues
2021 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Blvd New York, NY 10027
(121street & 7th avenue)

Melvin Vines Trumpet,
Charls Daves Jr. Saxes,
Noriko Kamo Key,
Nobuyuki Yamasaki Bass,
Malik Washington Drums,
Okaru Lovelace Vocal

Wednesday April 30, International Jazz Day Celabration
@ Dwyer Cultual Center 6:30pm-9:30pm

2open donation but need RSVP 212?222?3060
Dwyer Cultual Center 258 St.Nicholas Avenue(W 123 street)NYC
take B,D,A,C to 125th street
Okaru Lovelace sings 'Flame of wishing Satrs' true story of Hiroshima Eternal peace flame.

Wednesday on May 7th at 7:30-10pm
Japanese Ramen noodle house with Jazz Jam

Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace / Vocal and Jam host
Yoshino Nakahara / keyboard
Nori Naraoka / bass
at Kuboya noodle house / 212-777-7010
536 East 5th street(between Avenue A & BESubway F to 2nd avenue)
no music charge!

Just enjoy Delicious noodle soup and Japanese soul food, sake & beercc. and music !! Bring your instruments and Let's Jam!!!!
Please join Okaru and great fun projects in new year!!!!
Let`s get started cccLOVE

Saturday, February 1st, 2014
At Grata Restaurant / 1076 First Ave New York, NY 10022 P: (212)842-0007
9:30 PM-12:30 PM / No cover or minimum charge

Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace, vocalist
Jon Weiss, piano
Bob Arkin, bass
and guests...

Saturday, December 14th, 2013, 5-8pm

Sunday, October 27, 2013, 3-6pm

Saxist/ Flutist CHIP SHELTON Peacetime Band at Latitude Bar & Grill

783 8TH AVENUE [BETWEEN 47TH & 48TH NEW YORK, NY 10036 / 212.245.3034
Purchase your tickets today at: www.Agljazzhappening.eventbrite.com
Tickets are only $25.00: 100% of the proceeds from this event go to the Harlem Alphas' "Go To High School, Go To College" Young Achievers Program

Chip Shelton- Tenor & Sopranino Saxes, End Blown- Flute, Piccolo, Michael Cochrane- Piano, Tom Charlap- Bass, Greg Serveance- Drums, Okaru Lovelace- Vocals, Daoud David Williams- Percussion, and Surprise Guests


Friday 8/30 10:45~55 am FM SANIN RADIO TALK LIVE "Check it out"

Tuesday 9/3 05:30pm~5:40pm Daraz FM Radio Talk Live "Yuukan Daraz Plus"
Go to Daraz FM Radio Web Clic Simaru Radio and Clic Listen Symbol beable to hear it any where in the world on Japan Time 5:30pm will be 9/3 4:30am ET USA.

Sunday 9/8 2:30~2:55 pm Dr. Nagai Peace Award Aspal Unnan City Shimane Japan

Wednesday 9/11 1:30pm~3pm Let's send Love and Cheers to Tsunami Victims from Daisen Elementary School

Wednesday 9/18 2:30pm~4pm The Human rights Concert with Okaru & Jazzband Daisen West Elementary School

9/18 6:30pm~8pm Music @Lake, woods, Moon and Stars @ Daisen Lake Hotel out door Okaru with Jazz band

2 Jam Parties @ Zinc Bar

Day 1 @ Zinc Bar
Wednesday 7/10 6pm-8:30pm $8 cover

Host / Vocal: Okaru Lovelace
Piano: Toru Yamashita
featuring from Brazil
Guitar and Vocal: Celso Loch
Tenor Sax and Percussion: Orlando Comandulli

Day 2 @ Zinc Bar
Wednesday 7/24 5:30pm-8:30pm $8 cover

Host / Vocal: Okaru Lovelace
Piano: Lee Tomboulian
Bass: Ralph hamperian

Dr.Takashi Nagai Peace award Celemony

Concert "Prayers in songs ~ For the Peace~" Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace
9/8/2013 1pm Start at Unnan city, Mitoya, Asupal hall Shimane, Japan

Jazz heals in the aftermath of Japan's tsunami

It's been three years since March 11, 2011, when the horrific jaws of a tsunami and earthquake swallowed up thousands of lives in Japan, causing over a billion dollars in property damage.

Healing Music in Tottori Museum Cefe Da`rt Musee

Singer Songwriter OKARU HOSHINO-LOVELACE will sing from New CD'' SAKURA, Home of my Heart'' Blue Moon, In my Home Land for love of her home town Tottori.

Beautiful cafe in Museun can enjoy food, drink and music.

Saturday May, 25th 6:30pm-9:00pm

6:30pm Open
7:00pm-8:00pm Concert
8:00pm-9pm Meet with OKARU
1,000 yen (with one drink)

Okaru Mini Concert

Singer Songwriter OKARU H.LOVELACE will sing with community singing cafe' group in Daisen town and her sincere original song for her home town Mt. Daisen '' Welcome to Mt. Daisen''. She just came back from Ishinomaki, Sendai ( affected by Tsunami), OKARU will sing some of numbers from new CD Support4 Japan ''SAKURA, Home of my Heart''. Daisen town Cable TV and NIHONKAI NEWS will be broadcasting this event. Every one who likes music can join this event for no cover just 300 yen for tea.

Music Heals "Sakura, Home of my Heart" tour in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Japan

DAY 1. Saturday 4/27/2013 "Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace Solo concert"
Dinning Ginga @ new location
Chuo 2 chome, 3-3, Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi , Japan
R.S.V.P. 0225-23-4505
No cover

DAY 2. Sunday 4/28/2013 "Vocalist Asami Konno"
Guest Vocalist Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace
Fudocho 2-Chome, 15-24, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi, Japan
R.S.V.P. 0225-93-3325
Start at 4:00pm
1,500 yen

DAY 3. Monday 4/29/2013 "Okaru Hoshino-Lovelace with Ishinomaki JAZZ Band"
Ishinomaki Fukko Marche Outside Stage
Chuo 2 chome, 3-3, Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi , Japan
Start at 2:00pm
No cover

Buy this album - -

1. Blue Moon
2. Sakura, Home of my Heart
3. When you`re Smiling
(Kimiga Waraeba)
4. They are Always with You
(Hikariwa Itsumo Sorani)
5. Hoshino Samba
6. Nada SoSo
7. Kimigayo (Japanese anthem)
8. Furusato (In my Homeland)

Also avarable at CD Baby

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